Letting the Flakes Fall, One Beat at a Time

“My music is my form of healing; a healing process that has taken sometime and will continue for as long as it needs to take. But I know that with my music I will be safe and it will give me the strength to push through.”

~* Playlist Tuesday *~

  Hello Everyone! I am so glad to be back and sharing with you new insight on bargain shopping, up and coming artist across Chicago and more!   Something new that I will be adding onto the blog is a fun playlist of my favorite songs and new artist. I curated this playlist as an…

Life is a Healing Process 

Hello to all my fellow readers, As usual, the wallowing hours of the dark nights have always been most therapeutic, for it’s when I am alone with my thoughts at late hours of the night that my heart and mind are able to have a conversation. Through out the day my heart and my mind…

The Blueprint

“I’m ready now. I feel like everything before this was all preparation, I have the blueprint. At a young age I got tired of doing the same shit and with something so powerful like art within my reach I’d be a fool to postpone it any longer,” Adrian says gazing into the window, he sees…

Degenerates with a Message

“The city is my inspiration,” says Harsh Patel, a young 23 Chicago designer. On a gloomy Tuesday afternoon, Harsh sat down with us to discuss his love for art, the city, and fashion.

Expressing Confidence Through Your Style: Amayrani Nuñez

As she adjust the fitting of her aqua colored slip dress, she poses for a picture staring fiercely into her bathroom’s vanity mirror. She turns to me and giggles bashfully. “It’s a photoshoot right?” she says mockingly.